John T. Kennedy

Candidate for Attorney General

I decided to run for Attorney General of Nevada because I’ve seen a great deal that’s wrong with our justice system and I wanted to offer both a solid libertarian critique of that system and a moral alternative for citizens of Nevada. Unfortunately, due to recent changes by the legislature, I am not eligible to hold the seat, were I to be elected. Please read my full statement on what happened here:


Most fundamentally our system all too often prioritizes law above justice. As Attorney General I would prioritize justice above the law.

We have many unjust laws. Unjust laws have no moral force and do not protect the people of Nevada. Laws against victimless “crimes” are unjust and thus I would not prosecute defendants charged under such laws. I would not prosecute defendants in cases where the punishment is likely to be unjustly harsh. I would not overcharge defendants, not exploit plea bargaining nor exploit plea bargaining to get leverage on them. And when public official break the law I would seek to prosecute them in the same manner as any other citizen.

Finally I would strive to fully inform jurors of their rights and responsibilities. Judges routinely tell jurors that they must only judge the facts of a case and that they may not judge the law itself. In fact jurors have a legal right and a moral responsibility to judge the law first. For example, once it was law that citizens were forbidden to assist escaped slaves. Fortunately some juries recognized that this was unjust and exercised legal nullification by refusing to convict, even when it was clear that the defendant was legally guilty. They correctly prioritized justice above the law. I would work to make sure jurors understand they have such legal power and are morally obliged to use it when necessary to prevent injustice.

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Statement Regarding Eligibility

My name is John T. Kennedy. On March 10, 2022 I filed to run for Attorney General of Nevada, as the Libertarian Party candidate for that office. On August 24, 2022, Sigal Chattah, the Republican party candidate for the same office, named me as a co-defendant in her suit against Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske. Ms. Chattah’s suit seeks certain injunctive relief against the Secretary of State, to include removal of my name from the official ballot, because I am not a member of the Nevada Bar, a qualification that was recently introduced for the first time in Nevada by legislation passed in 2021.

This is the first election in which the Attorney General of Nevada will be required to be a member of the Nevada Bar. My application for the office for Attorney General of Nevada was filed in good faith, with complete reliance on multiple official Nevada state resources, including print and online publications, all of which were outdated during the time period in which I filed my application and they did not reflect the recently imposed requirement that the Attorney General must be a member of the Nevada Bar.

It is now evident that I am not a qualified candidate for Attorney General of Nevada and, in keeping with the high standards of ethics and integrity for myself and the Libertarian Party, I’ve notified the Secretary of State that I have withdrawn from the race.

Any further inquiry regarding this matter or the ongoing litigation should be directed to Nathan E. Lawrence, Esq. at Gallian Welker & Beckstrom, L.C

John T. Kennedy
September 12, 2022